99 Stylish Stepping Stone Pathway Décor Ideas

More often than not, most items found in your home serve primarily the purpose of decoration. Take your vases, paintings, and carvings, among others, as examples. However, some items serve for particular functions but may also serve as a decoration. Take your crystal chandelier (it is primarily to give light to your home but also serves as décor to your ceilings) and your antique mirror for instance.

One thing that is not actually furniture which can be both useful and decorative in function is the stairway. Oftentimes, they serve as pathways from one level of our house to the next. Obviously, this is really a great help in houses with two or more floors. There are also houses which opt to put a stairway’s platform in direct vision of a person entering the house from a front door. It gives out this appealing impression.

Given this, it is therefore necessary that a stairway is not only sturdy and secure (for purposes of safety) but also must demonstrate “grandiosity” in its own right. Usually, this is attributed to the entire design of the stairway, but can also be tracked down to the specific stair parts, too. You have to remember that even the smallest detail, in this case part, can affect the totality of a whole structure to function and serve its purpose. This goes the same for the stairway and its stair parts.

A stairway may be built in different fashions. It can be helical, straight, or sectioned with a balcony. These final structures usually depend more or less on the materials used for the stair parts. Colossal mansions and castles usually have marble staircases of regal grace and elegance. Suburban homes have staircases of wood. For high buildings and skyscrapers, they have cemented or stone-made staircases. There are also some which have more than two or more materials mixed.

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