99 Simple Minimalist Small White Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the biggest problems with small kitchens is that they might feel rather claustrophobic because there are too many cupboards stuffed into this limited space. Removing them is usually not an option, because there are many items that must be stored in the room. Open cupboards offer an efficient solution to this problem because they don’t create such a ‘boxed’ feeling. These storage areas also provide you with the opportunity to use fancy jars, glasses, and china as decorations.

Small kitchens don’t offer enough counter space to work on comfortably. A kitchen island can solve the problem of having a working surface, but such a major construction job will work only if the room’s design is minimalistic. The counter of the piece must be white (preferably marble) and its bottom must be open. This way, the island won’t seem ‘cumbersome’.

Limited space doesn’t allow you much room for creating a beautiful interior. You can make up for this by mixing a variety of materials and playing on the differences in textures and colors. Every functional part of the room (cupboard doors, countertops, lighting, ceiling, windows, flooring, and fixtures) should be treated as an important element of design. Keep this in mind when studying the materials from your kitchen remodeling contractor and look for interesting combinations. Remember that in order to be attractive, the final look must be ‘unified’ in either color or style.

Even if you live in the apartment alone, you might want to entertain your guests in the kitchen at some point. Therefore, seating is essential, but benches and chairs take up too much space. There are a few solutions to this issue. You can choose moveable benches and chairs that can stay in the living room or some other part of your home until you need them. In this case, you will need to lug them around the house when preparing to meet your guests.

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