99 Adorable Small Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming in your own pool is a dream for many homeowners. Because many regions of the country are not conducive to swimming year-round, have you considered an indoor swimming pool when building your new home? An indoor swimming pool may seem like an extravagant extra for your home, but the countless hours of enjoyment will make it well worth the initial investment.

Rather than setting aside a large sum of money into country club fees and other activities, building an indoor swimming pool as a part of your French country house plan home will provide fun-filled entertainment for the whole family as well as a convenient year-round fitness option. Here are some important things to consider if you choose to incorporate an indoor swimming pool into your new home.

Once you have considered this special amenity, determine the following factors. Obviously, cost is one of the main factors before any other. It is smart to start by getting several quotes from reputable companies in your area. Research at least three companies and request quotes from them at that time. Select companies that have at least a few years of experience, proof of insurance and licenses.

Then, be ready to answer questions when you meet with these companies and share with them how you plan to use your pool. Will it be used primarily for fun and entertainment, or for exercise? Certain pool designs may be better suited for each activity. Also, be sure to ask them how much maintenance is required and how long installation will take in case you want it to be completed for a certain event like a party or a Southern home plan house-warming event.

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