99 Modern Coastal Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Nautical themes bring fresh, crisp decorating options to a room. Soothing retreat-like settings are created easily with seacoast motifs and waves stitched into sea-like colors and patterns. Images of beaches and the tropics on sheets, comforters, duvets, throws and pillows create a tranquil atmosphere. A well-earned nap or simply escaping from reality for a moment would come more easily when enjoying sheets and bedding that help the imagination sail away on the waves of sleep.

Guest rooms and master bedrooms have a refreshing feel when decorated with sea-foam and sea-shell colors. Rooms accessorized with items suggestive of global travel portray a sense of the exotic when coupled with nautical sheets and bedding as the focus. Just a few changes will create the sense of a paradise vacation in a bedroom. For example, photographs of past trips can be printed on bedding using modern technology. Such an unusual and distinctive collage would be impossible to replicate.

Patches of material printed with beach-signs and coastal patterns, life-guard stands, shells and coral combine to make extraordinarily stunning quilts. Surfing motifs and striped designs convert a room into a space reminiscent of leisurely moments spent at the shore. If one is looking for a relaxing motif, the subtle suggestion of a trip by the sea will help to achieve that goal.

Bedding in soft pastel colors and different shades of blue can create the illusion of an island oasis in any home. Imaginations can soar away to thoughts of warm, tropical islands, coastal breezes, sunshine and lush vegetation in a room decorated with new sheets, pillow shams and duvet. Palm trees, shimmering waves and sand-dunes printed on bedding can remind one of their special allure.

James Karrie

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