99 Cozy French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

When one says he/she wants a country living room design, there a number of things that come into mind. The usual common impression however, is that the house is somewhat “homey” because this is the striking quality of country living room design. The evolution of such design style has introduced a number of looks and now country can mean modern country, cottage country, eclectic, or the traditional country look.

Regardless of what style of country you want to achieve in your country living room design, there are specific elements that must be present to give it an authentic country touch. Country design can also vary depending on geography that is why the French country look is different from American or English country. History and sentimental appeal is introduced with vintage or vintage-looking pieces from the specific country.

So, if you are planning on having a country living room design then try to do some research on the country look that is unique in your part of the globe. The important thing to remember here is that regardless of geography, country design takes elements from the old look of the past.

Now if you decide to go for a traditional country look, remember that is still dependent on geography, but you will easily know it is a traditional look if majority of the room’s shell, furniture, and accessories are made of wood and have intricately hand-carved details. The colors are often sunny and bright or muted and toned down, or even a mixture of both.

James Karrie

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