99 Best Ideas Decorate Dining Room Table Valentines

Valentine’s Day, celebrated the world over as a lovers’ day, rekindles the romance between lovers or witnesses the blossoming of budding love and brings warring couples closer once more. Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when the whole town and neighborhood is painted red with red roses, red petals, red hearts, red clothes and dresses and gifts wrapped in red.

There are many who snigger at the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day and dismiss it as a vulgar and exhibitionist commercialization of a sublime emotion like love, but then every good thing has its fair share of detractors and if you knew the heart wrenching myth behind the origin of this spring festival, even a cynical man would be forced to change his mind.

Valentine’s Day, as it is known today, is a fitting Catholic tribute to the Roman Patron Saint of Love, Saint Valentine who was beheaded in AD 270 by Roman emperor Claudius II for wedding young lovers in secret in defiance of the emperor’s orders. This mid February ceremony is celebrated the world over by those who are deep in love through the exchange of flowers, gifts, cards and promises of love to immortalize the martyr who laid down his life at the altar of love and February 14th is now officially known as Valentine’s Day.

So much for the history of Valentine’s Day. By now you must be eager to grab some conventional or cool or crazy ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with pomp and splendor or may be quietly. So let me share a few great ideas for Valentine’s Day with you. To make this special day even more special, scatter red and pink rose petals all over the bedroom, leading to the dining room and then take the pain to wake up your beloved through a special rendition of a mushy love song, all the while showering fragrant petals on him or her. Rest assured, he or she will be bowled over by this special treatment.

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