34 Cute Valentines Day Wedding Decoration Ideas

Thinking about having a wedding theme for your wedding? Well how about having a Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme? Only true romantics dare to theme their wedding around Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t that daring well you can skim and browse this article to see if any facet of these ideas appeal to the particular theme you are planning for in your wedding and so incorporating these small touches into your theme to create a truly memorable day.

Of course with all wedding themes the most important part is in organising the color palette you will use for your foundation to your own special Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme. If you look around to the various artifacts, toys and cards that are on sale on Valentine’s Day you will find many many shades of red and pink and the many textures and pastels in between.

You may choose any combination that may appeal to you. You may also consider adding a bit of your own personality into the color choice. If you are wild and outgoing it would be nice to choose contrasting colors in addition to the normal pink and red to add a bit of excitement to the colour. If you are more of the conservative type well a nice free flow of conservative colors will work. From here, you will theme this critical base of foundational colours to your wedding theme: from your wedding attire, to decorations in the ceremony and reception as well as your place settings.

As your planning for your Valentine’s Day wedding theme progresses, perhaps the next step is to look at wedding attire. You may want to look at an old fashioned contemporary look to extend the theme that Valentine’s Day is a truly romantic day. You may want to have a look at weddings from days past, or weddings that are grand from earlier this century such as Jackie Kennedy’s wedding with JFK.

Another option is to accent your wedding dress with the colors form your base palette. Perhaps have a shawl again, with the colors you have chosen. Then your roses will also follow this beautiful color scheme. Continuing your theme would have your bridesmaids wearing various shades of the colors you’ve picked designed into their dresses. Groomsmen will also follow this theme wearing the pink and reds from your palette in their boutonni√®res.

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