99 Elegant Loft Style Living Room Design Ideas For Winter

Designer rugs are a recent development when compared to the oriental rugs that boasts centuries of tradition and heritage. Besides protecting the floors they become a decorative item in your house adding beauty and style to it. Designer rugs come in all sizes, colours and designs to match any type of house and room. They add an artistic touch to the whole atmosphere and reflect your tastes and attitude to life.

While the more ancient rugs were made of wool, cotton, silk or a combination of any of these, designer rugs are mostly made completely of wool that makes them softer, thicker and richer. In fact, they are made in such a way that would make you feel like snuggling right on the carpet itself. Thus, while providing a proper cover for your floors, they make perfect footrest as well, making your feet sink deeper into them.

The designers of these rugs make sure that they are made in unique and unconventional designs like abstract patterns, simple checks, stripes, etc. Though you might find the traditional floral patterns in brighter shades as well, the more recent designer rugs come in the abstract designs and subtle shades like beige and grey, if not black or white. These combinations of colours and designs make them suitable for any kind of house.

Designer rugs come in different shapes like circle, square and rectangles of different sizes that make them perfect for your rooms whether you are living in a loft apartment or a period bungalow. They could cover the larger seating areas of your living rooms or smaller areas before the fireplace. This is one reason why they have become so much in demand by the public on all parts of the globe.

While purchasing designer rugs, one factor that you need to be really careful about is their maintenance. Rugs are normally a one-time, or at least a very less frequent, investment that you make due to its cost, and therefore you need to know how to take care of it properly. They are usually purchased for your living rooms and are therefore exposed to the dirt and dust from outside. It is important, therefore, that you are aware of how to clean and dry them and how to prevent fading or stains.

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