99 Brilliant Hidden Room Design Ideas You Will Totally Love

I’ve always had a fascination with the concept of hidden rooms. Many of the books I’ve read told of secret passageways or a library that, if you knew of its existence, and you knew where it was located and how to use it, you would press something in a panel and the panel would slide open, allowing you to go downstairs to a hidden room.

I’ve never had a need for a hidden room because my privacy was always respected. If I wanted to escape, I just went into my bedroom and closed the door. The message to everyone in the house was don’t disturb her, don’t knock on her door, don’t call her name. She’ll come out when she’s ready.

Too bad I didn’t realize that I had been sending out that message, and it had been accepted, or I might not have been so intrigued with the concept of a hidden room that no one else knew about. I kept imagining that I would be the only one who knew where the piece in the panel was located, and who knew how to push it in the right place to get the panel to move so that I could go downstairs to my hidden room.

I just came across an article about hidden rooms behind bookcases and it showed a lot of photos of how these rooms were undetected by others. Most of them looked too easy to discover but there were a couple of them that looked like great hideaways for kids.

One of them had ceiling to floor bookcases, filled with books that looked like they never moved. In fact, when you looked at it, it looked like the kind of bookcases that you see in the offices of doctors and dentists for their patient files. But when you moved this bookcase, and it didn’t tell where the movable panel was, there was this delightful room behind it for kids.

James Karrie

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