99 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas On A Budget

Good garden design starts with making a list of all the factors that you need to consider before spending any money. The main features and factors to take into consideration include the size of your garden, the location and the access that the land has to both direct sunlight as well as natural shade. Then you also need to take a look at the natural gradients of the land, drainage, entrances and exits as well as such elements as stair, steps and walkways.

The best garden designs offer different vantage points around the location and take you on a journey of discovery through light and dark, from open spaces to foliage filled areas. You need to think about the most advantageous vantage points such as kitchen windows, patios or decks as well as entrances.

Each of these areas should incorporate a specific focal point, but it is important to remember that less is often more when it comes to landscaping your garden. Look at the size of the area you want to design and understand that a large fountain is not going to work in a small courtyard, yet a small koi pond may lend itself well to a leafy, shaded space.

Garden design is not only about making your garden more attractive, but is also important in making it more functional. When you decide to design your garden, think about the different types of areas that you want to incorporate and who will be using those areas most. If you have young children, then patios or decks could be ideal in keeping them safe, but railings will be required. Water features need to be kept to a minimum and little areas with grass for exploration may be important too.

Having access to software that will help you with your visualization of the area could save you a lot of money. This also helps to scale the garden correctly and will also assist in budgeting your garden through the best selection of plants and pavings. As with indoor decorating, you want to have a theme that carries through your garden. Choosing wooden sleepers and complementing them with rattan furniture is made a lot easier when you can actually see the end result in a 3D format. You should at all times try to keep a particular style in your mind so that it all works seamlessly with each other.

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