99 Best Porcelain Slab Countertops Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

When planning your kitchen you may need some design inspiration. Choosing a style can help you make many of your selections, when you know what fits in that design style. Things like architectural details, decor, and colors can be found in the details for each design style.

No matter what design style you choose in planning your dream kitchen, if you have a counter with an extended overhang you are going to need support brackets. Listed below are top design styles and some of their features. We hope this will help you in the planning and designing of your new dream kitchen.

Rustic American – Stainless Steel is an attractive design element which complements the gray tones and pewter hardware. Steel countertop support brackets can also be painted in the off white and neutral colors if you prefer to match wall color.

Color accents in grayed tones or sun-baked colors with predominately white, off-white or neutral base colors work well. Surface selections like ceramic tile, soapstone, slate and wood in a matte finish with a natural and heavy appearance are all appropriate. Pewter, rustic metals, wood and wrought iron can all be used in hardware choices. Wood finishes in oak, pine and walnut are the most popular wood species for these styles.

Modern/Contemporary -Sleek stainless steel contemporary brackets would work well in this style. This design style is an excellent complement to stainless steel countertop brackets as noted in the hardware choices below.

Stainless steel can be used as an accent color, but vibrant colors of blues, oranges, reds and yellows predominate. Recently, dark black-brown colors are becoming more popular. Surface selections would be natural stone, quartz or concrete as your best options. Nickel, chrome and stainless steel are the most appropriate for hardware. Straight grained woods such as birch, maple and bamboo are the most prevalent for wood finishes in this design style.

Traditional/Country – In this design style you may wish to use the hidden support bracket, or choose one a decorative bracket to paint in a color that falls in the categories below.

Reflect original dye colors from the American Colonial time period using reds, blues and yellows. Items containing small patterns also reflect this time period. Soapstone, granite, wood trimmed laminate and solid surface material with square edge profiles can all be used as your surface selections. Hardware choices should be rustic finishes such as wrought iron and oil rubbed bronze fit in nicely as well as copper and antique brass. Light wood finishes on maple, pine, oak, birch and cherry work well in this style.

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