99 Stunning Minimalist Furniture Design Ideas For Your Apartment

Contemporary or modern as it is otherwise known is manufactured mainly to offer comfortable furniture with minimal trappings, while being solid at the same time. This type of furniture is usually characterised by geometric designs that are sleek and normally polished. Simple colours are utilised for a vibrant look with materials such as fibreglass, aluminium and metal used to construct the furniture.

Urban is another modern addition to furniture design and is more minimalistic than usual styles. Wood is usually used to create the pieces which can be finished in either black or light with glass and aluminium highlights. This furniture is usually used in apartments because of the general small size of the creations.

Traditional furniture is next on the list and this is typified by the widespread use of darker woods adorned with lavish carvings. The most common types of this elegant furniture include Chippendale, Queen Anne and Hepplewhite.

Transitional furniture is a kind of in-between traditional and contemporary. The lines used to create these pieces are simpler than traditional work, but not as simple as the more contemporary.

An electric style can be described as a mish-mash of designs from different styles and time-periods. The total look of a room done out in an electric style is harmonious though and this is achieved through a mixture of very creative colours, textures, shapes and finishes.

Art Deco usually means furniture that is both streamlined and geometric, using vivid colours, bold vertical lines and corners that lean toward a more rounded shape. Most Art Deco pieces are made from exotic woods and the combining of opposing elements, for example the rare and expensive with the cheap and abundant, is common.

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