99 Totally Cool Tiny Apartment Loft Space Ideas

With loft-style condos being built in the market area and builders moving to open-concept housing design, open and airy is a trend that’s on the rise. Loft living is a glamorized version and extension of one-room living. Lofts, which are usually converted warehouse space, are now being designed and built from the ground up, making the living space more efficient and attractive.

Picture a large, open room with the appearance of unlimited space. Add expansive windows and terraces and top it off with incredible views of the city. Sound appealing? To many people, it’s a picture that’s hard to resist.

The kind of people who choose to move into a loft space are usually tired of living in conventional, standard-shaped houses or apartments. They’re looking for a change in lifestyle.

Unlike conventional homes, the challenge in setting up a loft is how to organize your space so that a multitude of different activities can co-exist in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Take stock of your requirements in both furnishings and lifestyle before you move in. Do you entertain a great deal, need good cooking facilities or an office space? Will you be buying new furniture or using what you already have? If you’re sticking with what you’ve got, will it fit? That is, are your pieces large enough?

Wit, ingenuity and a few basic tools can give your space the new and exciting look you’re trying to achieve. Always keep in mind that you are not dealing with a conventional space.

You can afford to be bold with furniture and fittings, and are able to use things that would have no place in a normal-sized home. One large piece, such as an over-sized sofa, will be very imposing and make you more aware of the loft’s dramatic dimensions rather than a group of tiny pieces.

James Karrie

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