99 Inspiring Rustic Fall Mantel Decoration Ideas

Bring in the warmth of autumn interiors with resplendent breathtaking decor taking inspiration from the earthy oranges, rusts and yellows of the fall leaves. The crisp crackle of old wooden twigs, a yard full of tree leaves, pears and orange pumpkins, enjoy the colors of fall mixed with golden hues.

Natural wood tones of rustic vintage furniture, ornately carved wall sculptures in shades of reds and greens create the glow of autumn interior and bring in the earth element rejoicing in the kaleidoscope of nature’s autumn play.

Antique doors with worn patinas, subtle color tones, some reds and greens are enough to bring in earth colors. Accent the doors with wreaths made fresh from the leaves in your yard adding cinnamon sticks and candles to usher in the ambiance of fall. Wall-pictures with autumn landscape, sit perfectly in old carved window frames accented with dried leaves and berries. A vintage arch made into a fireplace, arranged with iron candle stands and over sized candles and seasonal fruits. Small carved pumpkins in different shapes and sizes accent the elaborate vintage doorway. Antique cabinets in red and ochre patinas bring a new autumn decorative element and add warmth to your home. A fun bunch of maple leaves sitting on a reclaimed-wood mantel made from vintage Indian doors brings life to the muted ivory walls.

A classic log house in the Rocky Mountains decorated with pashminas, pillows and wool throws, the stone fireplace accented with gothic doors absolutely steals the scene. Big family get togethers around an old door dining table with rustic iron chairs, red wines and cozy family nights, vintage rustic teal sideboards become the server consoles. Lush vintage furniture and autumn colors are amazingly awesome together.

Liquor chests or a medieval style door cabinet styled into a bar the possibilities are endless. Consoles and dressers in reclaimed woods and old tiles, bright turquoise paint and some green, old iron nails and floral carvings, each piece unique and designed consciously to tell a story. Enjoy reading your favorite book in the patio decorated with sculptures handcarved in India bringing in the zen energies of the ancient times.

Arches leading to the verandah, solid teak, hundreds of years old, salvaged from palaces in India, the character and design challenges you to evolve your interiors. Perfectly balanced with the deep orange curtains and red beaded tapestries that soften the dark wood tones. A draped canopy over the rustic daybed in sheer white organza with gold trim creates a whimsical old world aura. Enjoy and live boldly with colors of fall, dancing to the textures of old antique medieval doors.

James Karrie

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