99 Cute Whimsical Christmas Ornaments Ideas for Your Holiday Decoration

Decorating the Christmas tree does not always have to be with just glass ball ornaments that your mother used to decorate. Now there are fun options that allow you express your holiday cheer in your own way. Wine and spirit related ornaments that are traditional, whimsical, humorous, and yes even sassy, are available at various retailers. So ditch the boring snowflakes and tinsel and look for these fun and lively ornaments.

Hand painted martini and wine glasses by Lolita are a big hit this season. These Holiday glasses also come in mini ornament size so they can be hung off of your tree. With cute Elf shoe designs to Peace on Earth there is something for the outgoing and traditional. Another favorite is the frosted wine glass with snowmen painted across it. You cannot help but smile when looking at the cute snowmen and their colorful scarves. These also come in a pilsner glass style so you can get one for the males of the house so that every member of the family has their own related ornament.

Other great ornaments that you may not have considered are wine charms. Let these fun items serve a dual purpose. The ring that goes over the neck of the bottle allows you to hang them off the tree when they are not in use. After you open a bottle of wine just walk over to your tree and “borrow” it for your gathering and just put it back once the bottle is finished. With so many wine charms out there, especially Christmas ones right now, you can find a one that is flirtatious or conservative.

For the cowboys and cowgirls out there, there are also boot decorations, western Santa Clauses and snowmen. And since most of our cowboys are Texan, what tree would be complete without the state of Texas cut from and branded on leather. Other Texan ornaments exist, just take time to look. All the way to Dallas Cowboy snow globes. If you are not a fan of the Cowboys, there are other football teams with themed ornaments and decorations. Show support for your team through the holiday season with Christmas ornaments and seasonal decorations.

Christmas ornaments do not have to stay on the tree. With the purchase of some suctions cups with hooks, you can hang some of the flatter ornaments from your window or anywhere a suction cup will stick. You can even hang them for your filing cabinets at work and bring some holiday cheer into your office. Deciding where to display them is the only difficult choice to make.

So stray away from your traditional glass ball ornaments and start looking for something different. The items are out there you for you to show off your personality through the holiday seasons. Just take a look at some smaller retailers and see what you can find.

James Karrie

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