99 Small And Creative Dish Racks And Drainers Ideas

A plate rack can be purchased in a number of different versions, styles, and designs. Many different materials and colors are available as well. If you are handy with tools, there are even a selection of these kitchen accessories that you can build with simple plans that you can obtain from the internet.

A wooden plate rack often holds the dishes in an upright and vertical position. They can used to display your favorite collectible dishes, or to organize your china closet, or cupboard as needed. Plastic and metal versions can be used to dry dishes in a space saving manner. The wood types can easily be built on a weekend afternoon.

A metal design of this kitchen accessory holds the dishes in a flat and horizontal position. This facilitates the efficient drying of these favorite kitchen accessories due to the generous space that is built in between each plate. Handsome and sturdy storage for drying dishes, this is an ideal choice when space in the kitchen is at a premium.

Sometimes a plate rack is used to display a single dish, or a collection of dishes, as a way to decorate a wall or area of a home. There are versions to display full size dishes as well as miniature versions of these dishes. This type of display unit can be made either horizontally or vertically.

An old fashioned plate rack invites the display of several tasty desserts. There are two tier and three tier versions available. Many designs have decorative scrolling or other stylish accents. These are sturdy yet practical accessories that will find a place in almost any kitchen.

Another type of plate rack that is usually made out of wood, resembles a book shelf of sorts, and enables you to line up all your decorative kitchen items so that their surfaces are facing outward. This can be important if they are decorated on the surface that is typically referred to as the eating surface. This is also a type of kitchen accessory that can be built out of wood.

Some innovative and creative people have used this piece of kitchen furniture in a new way by moving it to their child’s room. Having it in the child’s room does not invite the display of dishes. It does, however, invite the display of children’s books which enables the children to see all the books available to them. This is quite unlike a typical book shelf where only the spines are exposed for the children to see. This makes it difficult to pick out a book without removing a number of books until just the right one is found.

By using a wood plate rack as a book shelf in a child’s room, the child is able to see the covers of all the displayed books. This also facilitates the easy returning of the books to the book shelf. In order to personalize this piece of furniture, it is possible to paint small designs on the sides or use sponges to sponge on whimsical designs.

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