Creative Practical Bathroom Storage Design Ideas41
Creative Practical Bathroom Storage Design Ideas41

99 Creative Practical Bathroom Storage Design Ideas

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For many of us, bathrooms are the most important part of a house. In fact, most often that not, this is one particular area where people are willing to invest and not to mention spend a lot. A beautiful, bathroom is indeed what everyone wants. From the colour scheme, flooring, and tiles, to the lighting and wall accents, it is important that everything looks perfect.

A bathroom storage vanity can act as a centrepiece if chosen wisely. It can be made to complement the overall look of the room or it can be made to appear as a standout contrast. A vanity can be just a simple wall mounted mirror or as grand as a walk in cabinet depending on one’s preferences and functions to be considered for the vanity.

The main function of a vanity is to provide a room for toiletries and provide a more artistic means of putting a mirror. For some, it is an important storage space. For some it is just plain decoration. Whatever functions you may think of for your vanity, it is important to choose the right material, something that would last for years and still look good.

When it comes to materials, you have plenty of options to choose from. There’s wood, which is ever popular. There are different kinds of wood, depending on its sturdiness and colour. If you want to have a lighter shade, there’s oak; for medium to dark, there’s maple. Another popular material of choice is metal.

There’s steel if you want to go for the more polished look. There’s wrought iron for those who love that antique feel. For those who want other options, there’s glass. Glass vanities are sure to compliment any bathroom no matter what the scheme is. In fact, it has the most universal appeal when it comes to vanities.

It is important to not only be able to choose the right material, but also to figure out the best way to clean it up. We all want our vanities to still look good decades after. That is why, we have to also consider which of these materials are easy to maintain. There’s wood polish for wood. Actually, just a simple cloth would be enough. Glass, would be the tough one in terms of cleaning up. So if it is your preference, you have to keep that in mind.

Thanks to the evolution of design and architecture, now there are bolder and more unique designs you wouldn’t even imagine years ago. The present designs, allows one to be playful in their choices as well as to be practical since there are designs which are beautiful and also functional.

Of course, there are still conservative pieces for those who want to keep it simple. Modern and much more basic designs are also in the market. These kinds of designs are often preferred by men because many of the contemporary designs nowadays would fit into any man’s bathroom. Of course, in contrast, the fancy and extravagantly made vanities are also present. Many women love these because they allow them to have that feeling of unmistakable luxury as they dress up for the day.

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