Refined Boho Chic Bedroom Design Ideas25
Refined Boho Chic Bedroom Design Ideas25

99 Refined Boho Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

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There are innumerable styles available today in which to decorate your bedroom. The bedding you choose must reflect this style, be it Boho chic or Bare Bones Minimalism. You don’t need the help of an interior designer to get your bedroom looking fabulous with just a few important tips you too will be able to pick the best suited bedding to your bedroom style.

I will provide a few tips and pointers below to teach you the most important aspects of choosing the perfect bedding for each style.
Bed linen and accessories are the most important items in changing the appearance and atmosphere of your bedroom.

A few practical tips when choosing bedding:
oAlways buy you duvet comforter a size larger than you bed. For example if you have a double bed, buy a queen size duvet or comforter.

oRather spend a bit more on your sheets and pillowcases, especially pillowcases-you lay your head on them every night after all. Read labels on bedding, and where possible always buy the highest thread count you can afford.

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to the amount of thread used in a 2.5cm block of fabric. A thread count of 180 to 200 is standard whereas 300 or more indicates top quality. Egyptian cotton has a high tread count and is always a good buy.

Depending on the style you have chosen for your bedroom (more details on bedrooms styles available at website below) your needs will chance in terms of your bedding.

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