Amazing Silver And Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas For Christmas And New Year41
Amazing Silver And Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas For Christmas And New Year41

99 Amazing Silver and Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas for Christmas and New Year

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The things that bring me in a festive mood every Christmas are the decorations. When I enter the house, and see warm colors such as red, green, and yellow it really brings me back home. Upon entering the living room, I look on the left and see the green Christmas tree adorned with silver and blue Christmas balls, shiny ribbons usually in red, glass angels that when hit by light will really shimmer, and the gold star on top of the Christmas tree that seems to get smaller and smaller each year that I grow in height.

I should not dare forget to mention the piling Christmas presents that my parents hoarded months before just to ensure that everyone has something to rip off during Christmas Eve (yes, we open our gifts during the eve of Christmas and not the Christmas morning).

Sitting by the sofa now covered in white with those Christmas prints that have candy canes and pictures of Santa Claus really makes me happy. Hugging the throw pillow with Rudolph’s picture and his red nose makes me smile. Looking up, I see the curtains are now in white with little gold stars embroidered on them and at the top of the window is the familiar red and green cloth that really spells “Merry Christmas” on it. Surely, I sense that Christmas is fast approaching!

As I entered the dining room I see a lot of Santa Claus figurines riding on different forms of vehicles hanging by the ceiling; one of them riding an airplane and one of them riding a car. By the counter I see one Santa Claus on the swing and a Santa Claus hiding behind his own Christmas tree, a lot of Santa Claus indeed! If that doesn’t make me feel festive enough, then what does? *wink*

From the dining room, I took a right to go inside my parents’ room and saw an advent wreath with the four symbolic candles on top of it that symbolizes the four weeks before Christmas – one is pink and the three others are purple. Looking at my father’s entertainment section I see Christmas CD’s all piled up, the one that caught my attention was my favorite; Christmas songs by The Carpenters! Ah! Christmas, when will you come?

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