Elegant Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas37
Elegant Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas37

99 Elegant Black and Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

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At the time of writing Christmas is fast approaching but if you are planning a festive wedding, then you are probably thinking about your wedding favors.

Favors with a festive feel are wide ranging and you will find oodles of choices available to you. But for something a little longer lasting and unique, consider giving Christmas decorations to your guests.

The beauty of Christmas decorations is they will be in plentiful supply at this time of year and they are inexpensive. Sure you can find plenty of companies offering personalized baubles with your names and wedding date on them, and this is certainly an option. But in my opinion a Christmas tree with a bauble shouting about someone else’s wedding could perhaps look a little odd!

Traditionally, Christmas was decked out with everything in red and green, but these days there are many other colors available from cool silvers and ice blues to jewel colors and black and gold. Coordinating decorations with your wedding colors shouldn’t be difficult in this respect, and if you cannot find anything there will always be plenty of choice in crystal and white.

Don’t just go for budget plastic baubles but spend some time looking for glass ones, crystal or even fabric versions made in silk, satin or felt. Look out for something which is unique and which you won’t see in every store at Christmas time. Whimsical Christmas characters add a touch of charm to your wedding day, whilst mirrored silver and sparkling crystal are perfect for glamour pusses!

You can even make your own decorations from fabric and stuff them with scented pot pourri. Simply cut Christmas shapes from a card template, sew together and put your filling in. Don’t forget to add your filling and a pretty cord to hang it by. You can also add some pretty stick on gems and small mirrored glass decorations to complete them.

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